Monthly Archives: August 2013

Track Your Sales Rep’s Sample Orders

One of our latest updates is the ability to track your Rep’s sample orders and their samples-to-sales percentage. Like most things in Orderoso, it’s really simple. Simply add an account for each rep clearly labeled as their sample account. Something like “Jon Smith Samples” would do. Then set the Sales Type value to ‘Samples’ and have your reps start placing their sample orders against this account. If you have the option set to allow reps to discount products, then have them discount each by 100%. If not, have your order desk do so after the order has been submitted.

Once you have some sample orders entered, the sample report page will display your rep’s sample orders and sample to sales percentage which allows you to easily monitor who’s over the industry 2% average. You can also enter the dates you’d like to review data for to filter the report.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.44.46 PM
Hopefully your volume is a little higher than my test data!

Like all our reports, this sample data report is exportable as an Excel document, and a plaintext csv file. We’re launching PDF exports in the next week or two.